Your Small Business Website

Your Small Business WebsiteThe book, Your Small Business Website, covers some basic concepts I frequently get asked when helping small businesses build out their websites.
This isn’t a heavy technical guide. I don’t cover any HTML or provide instructions on how to use specific products or vendors. Instead, I take the reader through a high level overview of the entire life cycle of their first small business website. In my experience, small business owners aren’t looking to code things themselves but do need help in making sure their website presence is built, maintained and protected properly.

This book is meant for the non-technical small business owner who wants to set up an online presence for their business. After reading this book, the small business owner will have a base understanding of concepts and terms they can use when soliciting help from a vendor or wading into building a website themselves.

For right now, you can order the book online at If you would like to read a sample chapter or would like free templates to help you plan your website, please provide your email below and I’ll send you a note with links where you can download the content.

This is my first foray into publishing a book and it has been a very informative and interesting experience. I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and was surprised at how low the barrier to entry for self publishing a book can be. For all its failings, you have to love technology when it makes things easy. You can read more about the why here.